Chinese Passenger Plane carrying 122 people catches fire


A Tibet Airlines jet transporting at least 113 passengers has reportedly burst into flames.

The jet had some nine cabin crew, making the total persons in it 122.

Tibet Airlines reported that the jet caught fire after it swerved off the runway midway through take-off.

Pictures released by the Airlines show passengers evacuating on slides and sprinting across the runway moments before the Airbus A319 jet’s left engine burst into flames.

The incident happened at about  8:09am local time (00:09 GMT) on Thursday, May 12, 2022.

All 122 persons onboard reportedly were evacuated safely, with 36 of them being taken to hospital for injuries.

African Entertainment understands that flight TV9833 was departing from south-western city Chongqing to Nyingchi, Tibet.

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