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Watch: Davido Gives French Montana Rousing Welcome To Nigeria

American rapper, French Montana who recently breezed into Nigeria, has been warmly welcomed into Nigeria by Davido, the CEO of 30 Billion Gang.

French Montana was accompanied by a high-level security detail, as he arrived in Lagos and wasted no time in sharing his exciting journey on his social media.

The rapper shared a video capturing the extravagant reception he received from Davido, thus setting the stage for an incredible visit to Lagos.

The video shows the hospitality and how he was thrilled on his arrival, proving that Nigeria knows how to entertain and honour international artists.

While in Lagos, French Montana was seen exploring the city’s nightlife scenes alongside a fellow rapper Swae Lee and Lojay.

Their presence created a buzz among club-goers and fans, adding an extra dose of excitement to the already lively atmosphere.

See video via this link:


While the exact purpose of French Montana’s visit remains undisclosed, it is clear that he is fully immersing himself in the Nigerian music scene.

In fact, Swae Lee was spotted in the Surulere area, reportedly shooting a music video alongside local talent.

The shoot attracted a crowd of enthusiastic Lagosians who were eager to witness the fusion of international and Nigerian music styles.

French Montana’s visit to Lagos not only shines a spotlight on the city but also reinforces Nigeria’s reputation as a thriving music and entertainment hub.

It highlights the country’s ability to attract international artists for collaborations and cultural exchanges.

This visit serves as a testament to the strong cross-cultural bonds being formed in the music industry and further elevates the global recognition of Nigerian music.

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