Monday, June 17, 2024

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Sierra Leonean Music sensation, and Mojo’s Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Hasan Daramy stage named Ceejay Mark has on Sarah Kallay Spill it Show revealed his journey to his hit single “IF” in Nigeria.After a protracted break from the industry, Ceejay Mark’s musical prowess returned in 2022. Ceejay started his career as part of an underground RnB/hip hop group known as Word-Up-Society in 1997. He went on to become part of the paradise family in 1999, then Conscious Knowledge which consisted of fellow artist K-Man and Harold Bone. After successful years producing ear piercing sounds for the past decade in Sierra Leone, Ceejay Mark early this year journeyed to Nigeria collaboration and networking with foreign acts in NigeriRevealing his activities in Nigeria, Ceejay mentioned how he was opportune to have met the CEO of boom play app, one of the fastest grown online streaming music platforms. He continued that his stay in Nigeria was fruitful as he was able to acquire more knowledge about Music in the Technology era. I first came to Nigeria since 2010 but what I gained on this visit is far greater to what I knew about Music long time ago…” Ceejay mentioned. According to him, music in this new era is about numbers and his visit was to meet with key stakeholders in the Nigeria Entertainment Industry which he did to add up his numbers on streaming platforms. Ceejay Mark newly released song “IF” has online presence like any other major songs in the industry. Within few hours, days, weeks and two months since it released date, the song has got thousands of views on YouTube and millions on other streaming platforms put together.a.

Adding his network in the industry, Ceejay Mark was spotted vybing with Hermes during the Big Brother Nigeria level up final.

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