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Have You Listened to Djinee’s Latest Single, “Nwanyi Oma”?

January 26, 2018
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In all honesty, very few Nigerian singers can cook up amazingly dope love tunes like ace singer/songwriter, Djinee. From the days of Ego to Lade and I No Dey Shame among others, Djinee no longer needs to assure us that his vocals and lyrics are guaranteed to keep us stuck in love!

As the month of January rolls to its end, the singer has decided to bless us with another love offering  which he titles Nwanyi Oma. 

The long awaited single dropped early this morning to the excitement of his loyal fans and we must add, ahead of Valentine’s day which is in a couple of weeks.

 As expected, Nwanyi Oma showcases Djinee’s painstaking attention to detail- lyrics, rhythm and vocals. It was definitely worth the wait!

Listen HERE


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Listen to AE Signee, Ase’s Powerful Message in New Single, “Mama”

December 19, 2017
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AE signee, Nigerian pop star, Ase has dropped a new single and it is definitely a show stopper. The single titled ‘Mama’ is a fusion of beautifully put together tune, vocals and a powerful message.

The lyrics is themed around reciprocating a mother’s unconditional love with kindness and not wickedness. Ase doesn’t end there with his beautifully captured message, He goes on to implore his listeners to refrain from “hurting their mothers for material things”.

Certainly, Ase appears to be singing from a place of experience (not necessarily personal we must add) as more often than not, young men and women get diabolical all in the pursuit of wealth and unfortunately, mothers pay the deadly price for their pursuit.

Produced by YB Gabana and M&M: Cheowas, ‘Mama’  is an exciting work by geniuses. How the soft tempo beat fused with a remix of Awilo Logomba’s classic, “Mobimba Ya Mama” is craftily put together is proof that amidst the upliftment of rhythm over message, the Nigerian music industry is finally beginning to give credence to music with meaning and Ase is joining the pioneers of meaningful music.

We can’t stop without pointing out that Ase’s vocals is to die for! The young man has got talent just waiting for the world to embrace.


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AE Exclusive: DenG Allegedly Working On Collaboration With Singer, Chris Brown

December 12, 2017
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If by any chance the management of Liberia’s biggest pop star, DenG drops a single featuring American singer, Chris Brown, be sure to know you first read it here.

Our sources have hinted that there is something in the oven between the two musical giants and although nothing has been put to paper, we hear fans should keep their fingers crossed for the big news.

On an even brighter and verified note, the singer who is currently on tour in the United States of America is hitting rehearsals in earnest as he prepares for his Christmas Beach jamboree. The event which sees an incredible turnout of numerous fans from across the globe is set to hold in Liberia at RLJ Kendela Resort and Villa.

This year, the anticipated Christmas Jamboree will feature a number of live performances from not just DenG but other Liberian acts and has been tagged the DenG 2017 Celebrities Pool Party. It is certainly the best place to be if you are in Liberia and looking to have a blast this Christmas.


DenG has further assured his fans that they have only excess fun to worry about because he and his team are working out scintillating ways to keep everyone glued at the DenG 2017 Celebrities Pool Party . In a Facebook message, DenG says to his fans “relax and allow your expectations to run wild.”

Date for the event is the 23rd of December, 2017 and interestingly, there is a contest with $500 to be won for the lady with the best Bikini Wear. For some of us who have been thrown out of the $500 qualification list because we can’t flaunt a bikini in our (for the closet mirror) body only, we can count on at least having some once in a life time fun and plan ahead on how to get the curves in shape for the 2018 Christmas party. A secret not to be quoted…” the prize might just double”!

DenG George Weah Campaign Song “CDC Muyan” Hits 100k Views

2018 is also looking great for the MTV Awards nominee as we hear he has more shows booked in the early hours of the year.

Aren’t we all so excited?

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G-Worldwide Entertainment Drags Kiss Daniel to Court For Breach of Contract

December 5, 2017
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We did see this coming when we reported that Nigerian singer, Kiss Daniel had pulled out of his record label, G-Worldwide Entertainment and had gone ahead to announce a self owned record label- Flyboy Entertainment. It appears that as we suspected, the separation was never pleasant as reports reaching us with evidence confirms that Kiss Daniel has been sued by G-Worldwide for not only not completing his 7-year contract but breaching his contract by maintaining the stage name “Kiss Daniel”.

In a public service announcement released by the legal team of the Emperor Geezy owned record label, G-Worldwide Entertainment, Kiss Daniel is being dragged to court for copyright infringement for performing songs which is allegedly off his soon to be released album “New Era” , an album which was produced within he contract agreement with the entertainment outfit. The fact that Kiss Daniel continues to use his stage name is also a matter of infringement or so the notice claims.

According to the announcement, anyone found doing business with Kiss Daniel will be seen as an accomplice and involved in the legal battle. See announcement:


Kiss Daniel has however responded to the allegations and injunction placed on his career by G-Worldwide. In an Instagram post shared say 50 minutes ago, he shared “Oluwatobiloba Daniel Dhikrullah Anidugbe  this is gonna be a sweet victory for you young man #Nodo#warning #sense.

Hopefully the legal battles end fast so we the fans can focus on expecting Kiss Daniel’s sophomore album whose release date is now pending till the court hearing.

Also Read: Kiss Daniel Confirms Split From G WorldWide Entertainment

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Rapper, Ikechukwu Shows Off His Enormous Muscles in New Photo

November 4, 2017
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Rapper, turned actor, Ikechukwu is not here for games today! The former rap icon who has since dropped his powerful reins on behind the studio boot activities took to Instagram barely hours ago to share a scintillating photo of himself and we think above all that was being displayed, we would be in dire need of that piece of black garment. See picture shared by the singer:

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DenG George Weah Campaign Song “CDC Muyan” Hits 100k Views

October 15, 2017
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Of late, Liberian star singer, DenG has faced severe criticism by fans for putting his image on the front line of Presidential aspirant, George Weah’s campaign however things took a bright turn on Friday, the 13th of October after his campaign song hit 100 thousand views on Facebook; proof that his loyal fans are actually loving the jam.

Following the out pour of support from fans, DenG officially released the song for free downloads early last week. The singer who is aware of the criticism by individuals who clearly oppose George Weah’s views was quoted to have disclosed in a recent interview “Of all the candidates, I believe Weah is in the best position to take Liberia to another level. His dreams, character show he is a man of honor and loyalty. That is why I am showing him all the support I can. I only wish all Liberians will see Weah for who he truly is.”

Although results are yet to be announced, George Weah is reportedly leading in the ongoing polls.

The message of “CDC Muyan” is unarguably why the song continues to be the rave of the moment. The MTV awards nominee highlights some of the reasons Liberia needs a great leader some which include the health care sector, power among others and why Weah’s proposition is the key to actually acquiring Liberia’s needs.

See mp4 version of DenG’s “CDC Muyan”:

Also a feel of “Role Model”:

Want the audio version? Download