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    Cardi B Says Rolling Stone’s Greatest Albums Ranking Is A ‘Setup’.

    Cardi B is not holding back.

    The ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper is now explaining why ‘Invasion of Privacy’s placement and inclusion on Rolling Stone‘s list of greatest hip-hop albums is a “setup.”

    ‘Invasion of Privacy’ placed at #16 on the list and its placement was met with criticism on all fronts due to its high ranking. This led Cardi to explain why its placement was a “setup.”

    “I do understand how people would feel sentimental about things. Certain albums that was below mine are like real classics that introduced me to hip-hop.”

    However, she was confused as to why people were taking their anger out on her in regard to the album’s placement since she did not make the list. What’s more, she thinks that the publication placed her so high to get people talking.

    “Those type of outlets, they would do sh*t like that to make it go viral. Of course they’re gonna use a b*tch like me, put it at No. 16 before Biggie because it’s gonna start a stir.”

    Rest assured, Cardi does indeed stand behind her debut. She went on to say:

    “It’s definitely a classic. I’ve been all around the world and people sing it fu**ing word for word.”

    Watch Cardi explain the whole situation just below…

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