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After a little over two years of delay, the Liberia Football Association (LFA) on Monday began the conduct of a 5-day CAF License ‘C’ Course in Monrovia.

The training is part of the football house’s effort to continuously improve the quality of football in the country.

Fifty-Seven (57) applicants will gather at the ATS from July 11 to Friday, July 15, to undergo the training after which successful applicants will be certificated at the close of a three-module exercise, “as the LFA embarks on developing the future potential and credentials of more coaches.”

The training is being conducted just a few weeks before the start of the 2022/23 Orange National League Season.

LFA’s Technical Director, Henry Brown, said: “that quality, continuity, and respect” is what the LFA expects at the end of this training.

He encouraged applicants to improve themselves, learn and share with each other and, most importantly, to be adventurous in seeking opportunities outside.

Announcing the official opening of the program, the LFA President Mustapha Raji expressed delight over the turnout, but also called for “excellence” and better application of the certificate while taking full advantage of computer skills.

“Considering other things in modern football, technology is high and coaches are required to make reports. Computer literacy is very important, especially if you want to coach [at the highest level] the national team,” Raji stressed.

Raji praised Robert Lartey, a CAF Licensed ‘A’ coach, whom he said did not have computer skills before, but mustered the courage to get computer literate.

“If you’re not computer literate, it’ll be extremely difficult for your career to go further,” Raji emphasized while sitting the now Bea Mountain coach as a tangible example to inspire others to combine coaching with computer literacy.

Technical Director Henry Brown, Head of Women’s Football; Francis A. Tamba, and School Football Coordinator Kaetu Smith are the facilitators for the weeklong program.

The training is the first of 3 modules (stages) for CAF License ‘C’ certification following a written test after the second and third modules, which will be held in August and September, respectively.

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