Buhari warns diplomats against interfering in Nigeria’s forthcoming elections


President Muhammadu Buhari has cautioned diplomats not to meddle in the forthcoming elections of Nigeria.

He served the warning during an Iftar dinner with diplomats on Thursday, April 28, 2022 at the president’s residence in the capital, Abuja.

In a statement, the former military ruler, Mr Buhari was quoted as saying “As Nigeria goes through this trajectory, I urge our friends in the global community, represented by you the diplomatic corps, to adopt a positive role that reinforces the doctrine of respect for our internal affairs and respect for facts and devoid of pre-conceived notions and bias.”

The Nigerian leader promised to deal decisively with election malpractices.

He stated that “Those planning to rig the forthcoming elections should think twice because I intend to resolutely protect and defend the sacred will of the Nigerian people, to be expressed through the ballot box.”

Nigeria is expected to hold its next presidential elections in February 2023, with Mr Buhari’s second term ending in May 2023. He is not eligible for re-election.

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