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When it comes to the age gap between her and Diphetogo “Dipsy” Selolwane, the lively and free-spirited Marang, a.k.a. Mrs S, recently broke the silence in an interview with Tkay.  She appeared flawlessly fantastic as always, well-groomed, and stunning in a pink suit. Oh well, nothing new about the fact that she has always been a wonderful woman.

Her career began when she was 11 years old, and she has worked nonstop for the past 20 years. The stunning Marang recently turned 31 years old. So, for the past 20 years, this has been nonstop effort. Not that she is complaining in the slightest, but this brings up the reality that Marang did not have a typical childhood, which undoubtedly had an impact on her dating life. Marang warmly refers to her hubby Dipsy as “my husband,” expressing her happiness to be with this super celebrity.

Remembering that she already has to cope with the age gap concerns, Marang’s response to the fact that she does not always flaunt her marriage in public media. The age difference between the two doesn’t bother her in the least, but she just wants to keep her marriage intact. She explicitly states that she won’t display him because, well, you guys already know ‘he’s there’ , so what’s the point? She affirms that they are happily married and that her bashful husband does occasionally give her expensive gifts, but she will not post about this on social media. Age has nothing to do with love, its the connection between the two adults that matters most.

Mrs. S does repeat, “Life is colorful,” multiple times throughout the interview; she is one of those people who isn’t going to stick with particular favorites because life has so much to give. Despite receiving public abuse on numerous occasions, particularly for her marriage, the diversified Marang seemed to be enjoying herself to the fullest. Or has Mrs. S simply grown a thicker skin from being in the public eye for so long?

The madam is not all about marriage, she believes in self development at large. In order to pursue other endeavors, she just removed her hat as a lecturer in the media profession. She’s pursuing her Masters degree right now, so I assume she’s doing everything in her power to educate herself and become wiser.

We do, however, wish her the best of luck. She praises herself for being an educated woman who doesn’t hold back when it comes to raising the bar. She even says that her 3-year-old daughter, who is said to resemble her a lot so much, should be expected to earn degrees and more degrees.!

Marang decided to end the interview on this note, concluding that they will not be throwing a party for her but will try to keep the celebration as small as possible because the girl is currently too broke to be hosting parties. Marang is looking forward to her adorable daughter’s birthday celebrations this September.

Fans of Marang are left wanting more, and we are definitely eager to hear more from this joyful personality. She counsels her followers, exhorting them to “participate in their own lives.” To try their best in everything they do, and above all to be happy and content.

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