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“A Younger Version of Kofi Adjorlolo, Would Have Passed My Father’s Score Sheet” Victoria Lebene Finally Speaks

Victoria & Kofi

“I just think that I want to make it up to my father and the reason is that, he hasn’t been in agreement with the wedding and the whole marriage thing going on between me and Kofi Adjorlolo. It is something that has always been at the back of my mind that my father is not in support of it. So I have decided to make my father proud and to let him know that I have listened to him and I don’t want the marriage to come between me and my father because he is one of the reasons why I am who I am today. He knows me better and my father has been like my first boyfriend so I think he wants me to get someone younger. He said he is not comfortable with Kofi definitely because he is much older than I am. I would like to let someone know that this decision is not because of what Counselor Lutterodt said or what I have heard in the media, the comments, pictures, videos and every other thing concerning this news. I just want everybody to know that this decision has completely nothing to do with it. It’s just my father being the other case beside all the social media issues and I just want him to be happy because without your father’s blessing your marriage can’t flourish. That’s why the wedding has being hanging all this while and I know a lot of people were expecting to see whether we were going to get married or not but whichever way, they thought something was coming and I also thought that I could still buy some time and see if my father would change his mind but he is still not happy so I want to make him happy.”

At first it seemed as if budding actress, Victoria Lebene and her former boyfriend, Kofi Adjorlolo saga would not just go away in peace for a new chapter to be opened. This relationship has been going on here and there with this saying that, and that saying this. Finally, the lady has come out to explain to us why she can’t marry the ‘old man’; in her own words as she spoke (above) with us, it comes across as if she is done and dusted with the whole brouhaha and about to move on.

We are also duly informed that S.P Victor Mekpah, Vic’s father who is a retired Chief Superintendent Officer of Ghana Prison Service has been against her relationship right from day one and he has always maintained his position that he will never give his blessing – should it be an ‘old man’ option.

We shall be waiting to see who Vic chooses next, at least it must suit her ‘father’s wishes’.

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