World Coronavirus Deaths Jump To 145,568


Coronavirus related deaths around the world now stands at 145,568.

The Johns Hopkins University & Medicine Coronavirus Resource Centre made this known in its latest report.

It says total confirmed cases of coronavirus around the world now stands at an estimated 2,159,450.

The report indicate that
as at Thursday, April 16, deaths around the world were about 145,568 and total confirmed cases 2,159,450, showing an increasing trend in death toll and infection rates.

On Wednesday, April, total confirmed cases
were estimated at about 2,064,668.

There were also estimated 137,108 coronavirus deaths reported worldwide on Wednesday.

A total of 185 nations have been affected, according to the University.

US remains the worst-hit.

Ghana has 641 confirmed cases, with UK recording 98,476 cases and 12,868 deaths.

Spain has recorded over 180,659 confirmed cases with 18,812 deaths.

Italy’s cases are around 165, 155 and 21,645 deaths.

Germany has recorded some 134,753 cases and 3,804 deaths.

In France, there are around 106,206 cases and 17,167 deaths, with China cases standing at 82,341 and 3,342 deaths.


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