7 Deaths, 76 Confirmed Covid-19 Cases In Liberia

Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Liberia remain on the increase.

As of Thursday, April 16, Liberia, one of the world’s poorest nations, had recorded 73 confirmed cases of the virus.

The country’s death toll stands at seven in the midst of a poor health system.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in its coronavirus situation report, as at April 14, Liberia had recorded eight new cases in its Montserrado County.

“One of the confirmed cases is imported and 66 locally transmitted,” according to the WHO report sighted by African Entertainment.

It says 1160 contacts including 169 health workers have been documented.

The report added that a total of 604 representing 53% contacts have completed 14 days quarantine since exposure.

It stated that the age range among confirmed cases is one month to 74 years with median age of 41.

Liberian authorities led by President George Weah are working hard to safe the country from experiencing a worse case scenario as it did during the deadly Ebola epidemic.


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