I’ve Helped 400 People In Lockdown Quietly – Nikki Samonas

Nikki Samonas

“But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing,” – Matthew 6:3.

Ghanaian actress, Nikoletta Samonas, popularly known as Nikki Samonas, appears to be living the above biblical principle as far as helping the needy is concerned.

Some major cities in Ghana namely Accra, Kumasi, Tema and Kasoa, are currently under a lockdown due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

The lockdown has undoubtedly made life unbearable for a large number of Ghanaians in the affected cities.

Several Ghanaian celebrities have been taking to social media to offer supports for their fans as a way of cushioning them against the harsh realities of the coronavirus.

Some celebrities have been sharing telephone call cards, cash and some even reaching to their fans to share food items but later sharing photos from such activities on social media.

That prompted one of Nikki Samonas’s followers on Twitter to ask her whether she won’t also be sharing cash or food items to her fans.

“So Nikki Samonas won’t you also share the monies some?” her follower with Twitter account GH $ asked her on Thursday, April 16.

But Nikki responded by saying “I shared to the needy. Shared breakfast and supper from last week through to this week. Between 300 to 409 people a day. I just don’t talk. People are hungry.”


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