Arikana Chihombori-quao Warns China Over Abuse Of Africans

The African Union Ambassador to the United Nations (UN), Arikana Chihombori-quao, has warned Chinese President, Xi Jinping, that Africa shall no longer tolerate the abuse of its citizens in China by Chinese.

According to her, the treatment being meted out to Africans in China is deplorable and the world cannot allow that to continue.

She has therefore in a video message, asked the Chinese President
to swiftly act right and ensure that protection of Africans and also ensure that Africans be allowed to go back to their homes and their hotel rooms after allegedly being evicted by Chinese authorities.

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She called for equal treatment and respect for persons in China-Africa relationship.

“As we speak, President Jinping, may I remind you that we have over 10 million Chinese residing in Africa but we have welcomed them with open hands,” she told the Chinese  leader.

We have allowed the Chinese to establish themselves and marry Africans on our continent, she observed.

The ambassador sternly warned that African nations would love to continue their relationship with China but the behaviors of some Chinese will not be tolerated.


Media reports say Chinese officials have started evicting hundreds of African residents and businessmen from hotels and apartments as they are being accused of having the coronavirus.

The Africans say they are just being targeted under the guise of a testing campaign for the COVID-19.

Some of them alleged that they have been placed under forced quarantine without being told about the results of their tests.

The Africans, who are based in China’s southern city of Guangzhou, have described the development as discriminatory.

“They are accusing us of having the virus,” a Nigerian student, Tobenna Victor, was quoted by the BBC.

Guangzhou houses one of the largest African communities in China.

African traders, buy most of their goods from the area to the continent.

Local Chinese health officials have raised concerns about a possible second outbreak of the COVID-19 over the increase in the number of imported cases.


Ambassador Arikana Chihombori-quao, in her video message, corroborated what the Africans alleged.

She says “to my fellow Africans diaspora, a very good day to all of you.”

“My name is Ambassador arikana chihombori-quao.”

“Over the past couple of days, I have received many messages emails, phone calls and video-clippings of the abuse that is meted to our fellow African diaspora in China.”

“I have watched in horror Africans roaming the streets with their possessions after being evicted out of their homes simply because they are Africans.”

“I have watched in horror Africans roaming the streets with their suitcases and at times with nothing at all after being thrown out of their hotel rooms.”

“I have many stories about Africans who are married to Chinese being separated from their wives or husband simply because they are Africans.”

“I have heard stories abouy Africans being forced to take Covid-19 Test simply because they are Africans.”

She could not understand why Africans were being treated in such inhumane manner when in actual fact they had not violated any Chinese quarantine laws or regulations.

“Why is it then that Africans are being singled out and mistreated,”? she quizzed.

“This situation is not acceptable; it is wrong and will not be tolerated,” she cautioned.


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