Safety Is My Priority Now Not Money – Kwesi Arthur

Ghanaian Rapper, Kwesi Arthur has chosen to stay safe rather than go about his usual business making money.

Speaking in an interview, the rapper mentioned some festivals and events he was to attend but couldn’t as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to him, he has lost lots of money as a result of the lockdown, but he chose to remain safe.

“I was supposed to go for some festivals and some events but because of this I couldn’t go; that is losing out on money and stuff but I would rather stay safe than make money,” he said.

Kwesi Arthur, a young musician who has been known to release back to back hit songs, explained how he is trying to keep safe and protect himself from being infected with coronavirus.

“It’s been calm. Staying, trying to stay indoors as possible [and] washing my hands as much as possible…”.

He, however, urged his fans to observe the social distancing protocols and all precautionary measures in other to stay alive.

Below is the video



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