Stop Comparing Producers – Sarkodie Warns


Mixed reactions are pouring in on social media over Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie’s #BehindTheHitz initiative.

The initiative set up to celebrate producers in the country has been embraced by many.

Others are of the view that it will bring about disunity among them as some producers see themselves as superior to the rest.

Veteran music producer, Zapp Mallet, spoke against the challenge.

He claimed it was disrespectful for him to be compared to other producers.

The manager for Nacee, Jay Barnner Dannycrayne has also said that the #BehindTheHitz initiative will divide the industry further because none of the engineers are united.

In his view, there is a need to celebrate their hard work as everyone is unique.

“This engineer pairing thing ehhh it’s just gon divide this industry the more… funny enough lots of engineers dont like themselves. It’s pure truth… Everyone of them is unique in his own way and there are different fields of specializaton be it a producer, mixing engineer and a mastering engineer… Let’s celebrate their hardwork… There are super dope engineers in Ghana the media hasn’t even heard of but they record the biggest of projects low key but wont even post a picture.”

Meanwhile, Sarkodie has taken to Twitter to explain that the initiative is not a competition among music producers but a way to appreciate and celebrate their great works

“Yo I normally don’t try to control how fans or twitter commentators react on social media but guys let’s try to get the point of #BehindDaHitz it ain’t no competition, we celebrating our good music / these geniuses behind dem songs. In these dark times we need stuff like this,” he tweeted.

He has warned against comparing producers.

By Beatrice Sowah


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