Social Media On Fire Over Nigeria’s Fumigation Action

In an attempt to halt the spread of the deadly covid-19, the Nigerian government called for the fumigation of the streets.

As the fumigators conducted their work, residents looked in awe while some laughed at the angle the spray was been directed.

In the video, the vehicle carrying the chemicals, was focused on an upward position spraying an entire roof of a house.

The activity which was conducted in broad day light, saw people trooping out of their homes to witness the action.

Meanwhile some persons on social media disagreed with the action of the people who stepped out to watch the fumigation.

The worry of some of the social media commentators was the health implication.

However, others were of the view that government should be applauded for a job well done rather than been criticized as to the appropriate time the activity should be carried out.



By Beatrice Sowah


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