“Jesus Is Jealous So I Ended My Relationship With Him” Says SA Gay Singer; Nakhane Toure

South Africa’s openly gay singer and actor, Nakhane Toure recently opened up about his current relationship with God. The singer’s response has been making headlines and we think you should know why.

In an interview with The Gareth Cliff Show Podscasts, 30 year old Nakhane revealed that he gave up on Christianity after he decided he wanted to get in touch with his “animal nature”.

“I tried to conform. Before my first album came out I was a very conservative Christian. I really tried to snuff out my idiosyncrasies. I really did. I tried for like‚ five of six years‚ and then the volcano just erupted”, the Plague crooner revealed.

“It was unbelievably painful but I thought I was doing it for Jesus” Nakhane Toure added.

“I ended my relationship with Jesus Christ. We were happy for the first two years‚ but then I realized that there were other men out there. I mean‚ he does say he’s jealous. That’s never good.”

Well there you go…If you still feel unsettled, you might want to take it up with the singer on his social media platforms.


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