Wema Sepetu Opens Up On Not Attending Alikiba’s April 29th Wedding

On the 29th of April, Tanzanian star singer; Alikiba walked down the aisle with his longtime sweetheart, Amina Khalef alongside his brother who also walked down the aisle with his heartthrob.

Alikiba and his longtime sweetheart Amina Khalef

In attendance were the creme d la creme of the Tanzanian entertainment industry. However the absence of former Miss Tanzania, Wema Sepetu was rather conspicuous. As expected, her absence got a lot of fans talking and rumors spread like wild fire.

Thankfully, the star actress who has recently frequented blog headlines addressed her absence in a recent interview.  She revealed that she could not attend the union as she had hosted her younger sibling to a grand birthday party that unfortunately crashed with Alikiba’s wedding.

In her words :

“That because hiyo siku nilikuwa namfanyia msogo wangu birthday party , mdogo wangu alikuwa akitimiza miaka 20 na mwaka uliopita sikumfanyia party na mwaka huu nilihaidi kwamba i will do the party. So family first na Alikiba anajua kabisa kuwa nina ninamsapoti,na sina kinyongo nae na anajua hilo na ninamtakia kila la kheri katika maisha yake ya ndoa,” 

Which loosely translates to “I had to host a birthday party for my younger sibling so I couldn’t attend and  family comes first…”

Alikiba and his longtime sweetheart held their white wedding on the 29th of April, a ceremony held shortly after the couple performed their Muslim marriage rights.


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