Ugandan Music Star, Mowzey Radio of the Radio & Weasel Group is Dead

Tragedy struck the Ugandan music industry in the wee hours of this morning as news reached the media that one of the industry’s finest vocalist, Mowzey Radio had passed on after a brief struggle for his life in the ICU of Case Hospital.

The sad news was revealed on the group’s Twitter page earlier today.

On the 23rd of January, the group’s official Instagram page revealed that although Radio was involved an accident on 22nd of January, he was making a fast recovery and already out of coma.

Detailed investigation of the accident revealed that Radio who was at Entebbe Beach, was shoved by a bouncer, causing him to hit his head on a sharp object that inflicted a deep cut. He was immediately rushed to the Case Hospital where he was receiving treatment before he gave up the ghost.


Mowzey Radio’s health situation was a matter of national attention as the president was reported to have donated UGX 30,000,000 to the Case Hospital for the treatment of the talented singer.

Mowzey is survived by his children and Lillian Mbabazi, former member of Ugandan girl group Blu 3. Her heartfelt condolences goes out to Ugandans in this trying period.


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