“Foreign Blogs Don’t Care About You”! Berenice Mulubah Blasts Liberian Artistes Who Disrespect Bloggers

The elections are finally over and Liberians can finally breathe a breath of life and go back to the other little and beautiful things that build the entertainment industry however, ace Liberian blogger, Berenice Mulubah has got a few words for a class of Liberian artistes who showed disrespect for the media during the just concluded elections.

In a lengthy post shared on the official Instagram page on her blog, the ace entertainment blogger calls out Liberian artistes who made what she described as “Ignorant” comments about the Liberian media.

She went on to remind them that the same bloggers and media figures that they have ignorantly lashed out at for the elections will ultimately be their saving grace as foreign blogs couldn’t care less how Liberian artistes fared.

In the words of the ace media personality, “Now that the election is over, I have few things to address within the Liberian Entertainment industry”. She continues:

“1. The media is not god, but going to war with the media, is not a very smart ideal, it’s a war you won’t win. They will drag it out for the rest of your career. 
2. A Liberian artist actual asked the Bloggers to quit blogging and become PR’s. What a selfish request? That was one of the most ignorant comments I’ve heard for century. While you may just be familiarizing yourself with the phrase “Public Relationship”, we have been preaching on the subject for years. The only bloggers who are not making money, are bloggers who are not familiar with marketing. Lord help. Even a 1st grade student understand bloggers have a role and PR’s have a role. Who do you think the PR’s run to? Oh, they only need the radio stations and DJs, but not the media? What a joke? 
3. If you don’t know the role media plays in your career as an entertainer, just know, I weep for you Daily. The whole Liberian entertainment industry came to a standstill, when all the media turned their attention to politics for the last few months. Smh. 
4. Last but not least, just cut the bullshit. You guys bragged about being superstars, but if the few legitimate Liberian bloggers are not writing about you, or some of these upcoming bloggers are not posting about you on Facebook, who else is? How many Foreign blogs wrote about Bucky Raw going to jail, DenG being sick, D12 dropping an album, Shine P receiving the highest nominations, Flex collaborations, MZ Menneh performance in Hollywood,etc? How often do Liberians superstars hit Foriegn blogs? You guys are walking around with a chip on your shoulders, just being damn right disrespectful towards the rest of the industry. Cut it out, it’s because of these people your names are being heard. Share the wealth and support with the rest of the industry, because we all have an important role to play. 
Welcome to 2018, this year, we are going to get this right. 
If your only media outlet is Facebook live and your personal Facebook page, just know that you have a lot of work to do.”


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