Francis Mensah says that TV Stations aren’t to Blame for Airing Foreign Contents

Francis Afotey Mensah

Ghanaian movie producer Francis Afotey Mensah has come out to publicly argue – following the recent demonstration by some section of filmmakers against TV stations for showing more foreign contents –
that TV stations are in to make a profit and will only air content that is in high demand with a view to making more money, thus, he called on filmmakers and producers to improve the quality of their movies and stop blaming TV stations who air foreign contents more than local contents.

According to Kris Sowah who sent in this report, Francis, the CEO of Flores Sports and Media has said that there’s a need for filmmakers to take a critical look at the movies they churn out. He called on key players in the industry to carry out necessary research to enable them to determine why the fortunes of the industry are dwindling and what should be done to revamp it. He also suggested that those in the technical aspects of film making should upgrade their skills by undergoing foreign training.

“There is a concern that the industry is dying but we are blaming everybody but ourselves, we are also part of the problem, we should take innovative steps and should be creative in our stories and production quality”, the producer of ‘Seasons in a Vow’ said.


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