Baby Reveal: Is Diamond Platinumz the father of Hamisa Mobetto’s Son ?

In a few days’ time, Tanzanian model, Hamisa Mobetto who is allegedly Diamond Platnumz’side chick will be revealing the face of her son to the world as he is due to clock 40 days.

Rumours have it that Hamisa’s son, whom she named after Diamond (Abdul Naseeb) is actually a product of Hamisa and Diamond’s love affair. Speculations heightened after Diamond featured Hamisa in his ‘Salome’ music video which was shot  while Zari was pregnant with Prince Nillan.

Diamond has publicly denied either having an affair with Hamisa or fathering her child, but Hamisa’s refusal to reveal the identity of the father of her son and her son’s face have further fuelled the rumour of Diamond’s paternity.

As the model plans a party to unveil her son in the Diamond and Zari fashion, we guess the answer to our question : “Is Diamond Platinumz the father of Hamisa Mobetto’s Son”will be answered



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