Opportunities Opens for Ghanaian Musicians, Poets & Artisans at the Atuu Festival of Arts

Rex Omar 

“The upcoming Atuu Festival of Arts (AFA) will offer creative arts practitioners in Ghana the opportunity to showcase their talents to both a local and global audience; all is set for the launch of the festival on August 19 at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Accra.” Mr. Konadu Yamoah, the chairman of the Joint Committee of Collection Management Organizations (JCCMOs) was speaking at a meeting between the JCCMOs and the media.

It should be hammered that the Atuu Festival of Arts is in no conflict with the ‘Atuu’ programme on UTV, because the former has been duly registered at the Registrar General’s Department. “The Atuu Festival allows both local and international musicians and industry players alike to network and exchange ideas while showcasing their talents.” Rex Omar said.

The festival will be launched on August 19.


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