Miss Commonwealth: Princess Duncan to Represent Ghana

Princess Duncan

“Miss Commonwealth pageant is an international pageant through which we achieve the Commonwealth goals through beauty and this is the 17th edition of Miss Commonwealth pageant in the United Kingdom,
The power of one person to cure social ills and support those in need should never be under estimated, that is why I choose to embark on charity projects as Miss Commonwealth. I believe in giving because the God books say, there are more blessings in giving than receiving. I will do everything possible within my capacity to help the needy in the society.” Princess Duncan, 24-year-old model, who in 2016, represented Ghana at the Miss Global Beauty Pageant in South Korea, told us that she is ready, confident and proud that she would be representing Ghana at the big stage in the United Kingdom.

Helping the under privileged in the society, is one of the major reasons that she is participating in this competition, thus, hopes to win.


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