“Do Not Cheapen Yourselves to Producers and Directors”


Ghanaian actress Mamaga 1, a Ghanaian actress has come out to lash fellow actresses who cheapen themselves for roles from directors, producers and movie makers in the country. Knowing very well that the act seem to be a norm among budding and sometimes know faces, she has come out to condemn the process.

“Since the industry is made up of both genders, it is likely to have such issues coming up. It is normal for men to propose but that doesn’t mean ladies should open their legs to anyone. There are a lot of actresses who are very decent but the few who are involved are spoiling our name. Ladies who do that does that because it’s their character and not an act all ladies go through in the movie industry. If the person has that character, automatically she will take it everywhere she goes that doesn’t mean we are all like that; those who do that should stop because it is tarnishing their image. Stars don’t struggle to shine so if you struggle to become a star, definitely you will fall. It won’t help them in anyway… I have never done anything in the movie industry that I have regretted and I will never go through such things especially giving myself out to the producers and directors for a role.” She told our reporter during this brief.

But the real question lingers, how can this incessant act be put to an end?


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