E.L Spits His Mind, Says, “Nigerians Are Ahead Of Us In Terms Of Music”


“I think the Nigerians are still kicking our ass and there is so much room for improvement. When you go to a show and you hear an Afro beat song, 10% is Ghanaian while 90% is Nigerian. It hurts but I think there is so much room for improvement… Ghanaians need to support each other when it comes to their music. I hope to have established myself fully as an international act in about 3…4…5 from now. That’s what I’m working on.” E.L, the 2016 VGMA Artist of the Year, has hit hard that the Nigerian music industry is still making strides in the world ahead of other African countries and is the touch bearers as far as music in Africa is concerned.

In an interview with 3 Music Flava hosts, Chris Kata and Official Kwame, the celebrated act said that the low penetration and patronage of Ghanaian music in clubs and shows abroad, are somehow to be blamed.

Do you agree with him on his summation? Let’s get talking.



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