Mr Eazi Cancels Houston Tour, Fans Blame New Girlfriend

Tensions are high at the moment for fans of Mr Eazi and we hear his current girlfriend is being blamed for it. According to reports confirmed by the singer, one leg of his music tour has been postponed for “unavoidable reasons”. He shared some days ago that his Houston tour has been postponed till further notice but the Atlanta and Washington legs still stand.

His fans are however having none of it as they can’t get over the fact that the “unavoidable reasons” listed had to do with spending more time with Temi Otedola who joined him in the US for his birthday and even shared pictures of a rented apartment that they would be spending time together in.

What we see is a man who is madly in love and haters in the disguise of fans blowing hot air up his behind. Agree or disagree?


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