FIPAG Owes Staffs Three Months Salary – Rita Asante


“I (Rita Asante) worked with former board and I was comfortable, immediately the new board come I knew things will change but not to the extent of not paying me for three months; I tried reporting this issue to the right people to help solve this issue and my concern wasn’t heard. Idikoko even asked me whether I don’t have a boyfriend to take care of me or not.” She told Ghanaians through KMJ’s Hitz FM morning show

Recently, the assistant secretary of Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) wailed about the obnoxious state of treatment they were undergoing under the leadership of Idikoko and his men. She whispered to us that the leaders have ridiculed them (staffs) with the use of all sort of words and unhealthy attitude.

It would be recalled that few months ago, the issue of FIPAG lavishing funds was exposed but the public took it with ease, until now. Hopefully this new insight from Rita would be looked into.


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