“Side Chicks Help Marriages Get Stronger” Counselor Lutterodt Tells Wives

Counselor Lutterodt

“For example, Kwame Despite is very rich, Kennedy Agyapong is very rich. If there is a poor girl walking there and there is poverty in her family, God can use these people to have a relationship with them and remove them from poverty? God works in mysterious ways, so don’t make yourself look miserable, your Boaz can come in any form. It could be somebody’s husband but he is your Boaz,” controversial, humorous and self-proclaimed relationship expert and Pastor, Counselor George Lutterodt has spoken in regards to married women and side chicks.

He told us that he is tired of hearing or seeing many married women on daily basis complaining about young ladies sharing their marital homes with them. He said that the issue would not end now since it never ended in the days of our forefathers. The counselor also chipped in that the only way to ease the problem is that married women should accept side chicks who share their husbands with them as a way of keeping their marriage stronger.

Do you agree with the counselor or is he going out of point? Let’s have our say.


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