‘The Slave King’ is a Must See Movie the Weekend

Jose Tolbert play a vital role

According to Gyata, “’The Slave King’ is a must watch movie”, which will be premiered at the Silverbird cinemas Accra and Westhills Mall; it depicts the true nature of an African setting as produced by Magnus Brooks and directed by Divine Jones (aka Major). From the trailer, the movie tells about a story in a village of WASUTTA; a plot to kill Lord Graada inflames him to callously recruit men from neighboring villages to serve as royal guards in his palace. Guru an energetic and vibrant young farmer is also captured with the other captives. The drama just begun…

The movie was written by Gilbert Ramy Carrey and had known-faces casts like Fred Amugi, Edinam Atatsi, Stella Animah Anakwah, Jose Tolbert, Kaf jnr, Samuel Brako, Gary Philips Uche, Sandra Osei and Esi Hammond.


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