Appietus Rubbishes the BET Awards, says, “it has no Glory”


“I hear they give the awards to the African Acts backstage, I don’t know how true it is, but if it’s backstage then I don’t think it’s fair”, Ghanaian producer and sound engineer, Appietus, has argued that if BET awards African Acts backstage, then there is no glory in it and not worth celebrating. He told Starr Chat recently in Accra.

He added that, “imagine Ghana Music Awards and they tell me Appiah you have won this, it is not announced and they take me backstage to give it to me, what are they hiding the awards from….awards is to celebrate the person for everybody to see this guy is doing well in Africa, they are representing the black community over there we want to award and encourage them, if it’s backstage then it’s sad, I hope it’s not true”.

“When people are going on red carpets taking pictures and circulating on social media then you alone you take yours backstage then the glory is drowned, if the glory is that I can’t stand on the same stage like Beyoncé and the rest then no essence in the award.” He argued that awards are about the glory so without it there is no essence.

Do you agree with Appietus or is he just making a farce out of nothing?


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