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10 amazing beauty tips from Dr Blossom Kochhar’s live Instagram chat


Renowned beauty guru and one of country’s leading aromatherapy purveyors, Dr Blossom Kochhar recently had a live chat with ETimes Lifestyle. From aromatherapy to haircare, here are some of the most interesting beauty questions Blossom answered. Follow these simple beauty tips and make most of your time during the lockdown.
What are the few aromatherapy tips you would like to give to beginners?

If you want to start off with aromatherapy, the best essential oils to pick is lavender oil. This miracle oil works for everything. You can use it for sleeping, to relax, for hair and also for the skin. You can also use it on your burns. It not only heals the skin but also leaves no scars or marks.

In order to use it to enhance your sleep experience, you need to rub a little bit of lavender oil on both your palms and rub them gently under your ears. For skin, you can either use it with water or by mixing it with another oil. Just massage it all over your face and wash it off. You can use lavender oil as a last rinse for your hair as well.

Another oil which I recommend especially for these days is neroli oil. As we all are very stressed and anxious these days, this oil can be very useful. It is a wonderful smelling oil and it will help you in calming you down. It has a direct effect on your mind and helps you relax. It helps in the functioning of adrenaline gland as well. You can use neroli oil on your skin by mixing it with some other oil and gently massaging it on your face.

You can also try eucalyptus oil during this season. It’s anti-bacterial and anti-viral, which is the reason why it is so good for you. You can mix it in water and have a bath with it. You can also use eucalyptus oil to clean your mobile phones.

Can we use essential oils directly on our skin? What can we mix it with?
All oils can’t be used directly on the skin, except lavender and tea tree. All other oils need to be mixed with vegetable oil. You can take a teaspoon of almond oil or olive oil and put 1-2 drops of essential oil. You need to mix essential oils with vegetable oil, otherwise, you will burn yourself.

Avoid using essential oils by mixing it in creams, as it won’t penetrate your skin if the cream contains mineral oil.

How many drops of essential oils should one stick to, so that it doesn’t become overwhelming?
For your face, just one drop is enough. It takes a tonne of rose petals to make one kilo of rose oil. So, one drop of rose oil is equivalent to 25 grams of cream or plant material. It is very potent, which is the reason why only one drop is enough for your skin. For your whole body, you can use 6-8 drops, which would be sufficient.

You can also use it during your bucket bath. Just pour 3-4 drops in your bucket of water. Just pour it all over you. It smells divine and is also good for your skin. You can also use it in shower baths. Just put a drop or two on the corner of your shower, which will make your bath even more relaxing. You can also put a few drops on a damp towel after you bathe and pat it all over you.

How to make a perfume out of essential oils?
To make perfume on your own, just take three oils. Take a ceramic bowl and put some almond oil in it. Put a drop ylang ylang oil with some orange oil and a drop of sandalwood oil. Mix it all together and you can use it.

What is the best way to take care of your skin naturally?

The best way to take care of your skin naturally is by using kitchen ingredients. Use a lot of fruits for it. You can use papaya, watermelon and even banana.

– You can cut a banana, smash it up and mix a little bit of honey in it. Just apply it all over your face and it will help you in getting clear and glowing skin.

– Another way to cleanse your face is by using yogurt. Just take some yogurt and add a bit of salt in it. Now lightly massage your face with the pack. It will act as a light scrub for your face.

– Another scrub to reduce hyper-pigmentation and get a glow can be made with a few kitchen ingredients. Just take some rice powder, lemon, coffee and a little bit of salt. Just mix a teaspoon of coffee, a pinch of salt, some rice powder, juice of half a lemon and apply it all over your face.

Remove it after 15 minutes by gently scrubbing your face.

– For people with open pores, oily skin and tiredness, just cut open a tomato and rub it all over your face. This will help in giving your skin a gentle and natural glow.
How to take care of feet during the lockdown?
When you are going for a bath, just scrub your feet with a pumice stone.

Make sure you apply lotion, instead of a cream. Before going to bed, just wash your feet and apply some cream. This will really help you in keeping your feet clean.

And, when you are cutting your nails, just cut them straight. If you cut on the edges, you might face the problem of ingrown nails.
What are the home remedies to treat dry skin?

For people with dry skin, banana is a very good option. You can use mashed banana, cream or milk along with honey and give it a mix. You can use it all over your face. Keep it for 20 minutes and then wash it.

You can also use almond oil mixed with neroli oil on your face. Just massage your face gently with these oils, this is beneficial for both managing stress and treating dry skin.
What can be used for tan and dark spots?

Just take some milk powder and squeeze out some lemon in it. Apply the mix on your face and leave it for 20 minutes. This will help in getting rid of all the tan on your face.

Which is the best oil for anti-ageing?

The oil I have found best for anti-ageing is patchouli oil. Take a teaspoon of almond oil or castor oil and mix 2 drops of patchouli oil.

Massage it all over your face and leave it for 10 minutes. Now take a damp towel and just dab your face with it.

What are some of the facial exercises we can do at home?

For people with double chin, there is a really easy exercise. Just make a fist and put it under your chin. As you press up with your fist, press down with your mouth. Use your lower jaw to exert pressure but do not open your mouth. While you do it, you can feel the pressure on your hand.
Another very easy exercise to get rid of nose to mouth lines is speaking vowels loudly. Speak the vowels A, E, I, O, U loud and proper. Make sure you use the muscles of your mouth well. Exert pressure on your jaws while you speak. You should be able to feel the stretch on your face while speaking.

Another exercise for stretching the neck is puckering your lips.

Imagine you are kissing someone really tall and pucker your lips upwards while stretching your neck.

For reducing the fine lines of the forehead. Place your palm on your forehead and gently push it down while lifting your eyebrows up. You can also make your eye area exercise by putting your fingers on the inner corner of your eyes and gently squeezing them.

Source: Times Of India

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