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New Mom, Yvonne Nelson Launches “Pregnancy Journey” Series on YouTube

January 6, 2018
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After 9 months of keeping her pregnancy news away from the media, Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson is finally set to share her experience with her fans.

The actress who welcomed a daughter with her British photographer beau ( Baby Ryn Roberts  already has an Instagram account) took to her Instagram page to share a clip of a series which she further explained to be her journey through pregnancy.

The clip which is currently trending shows an ultrasound video of baby Ryn yawning as well as clips of when Yvonne Nelson disclosed to her mom and friends that she is expecting. See full video:

On the mushy lovey-dovey angle, Yvonne Nelson and her baby daddy have been dousing us with a fair share of all that social media PDA that celebrities are known for. It is great that the couple are becoming quite open about their relationship.

We can only hope for the best and wedding bells soon.

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Identity of Yvonne Nelson’s Jealously Hidden Baby Daddy Hits the Internet!

November 15, 2017
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It is certainly a good day to be on the internet especially as barely a week after unveiling a bump and keeping our ears and eyes watering with more information, actress, Yvonne Nelson’s well kept secret has been revealed and we are certain it was not orchestrated by the new mom.

Yvonne Nelson's Baby Daddy
Yvonne Nelson for Wow Magazine

Following reports that the actress welcomed a daughter plus her intimate yet not so revealing interview with Wow magazine, some individuals got too thirsty and decided to dig and find the missing dots created by the viral interview.

Needless to say that just a bit of digging revealed all that was required to make a juicy pot of gist on Yvonne Nelson’s new life. A popular Ghanaian entertainment blog revealed the identity of Yvonne Nelson’s baby daddy as United kingdom/ Ghana based British celebrity photographer simply known as Jamie Roberts.

Yvonne Ne;son’s baby daddy, Jamie Roberts

Interestingly, the Jamie guy appears to be very much married to a United Kingdom based, Nigerian fitness guru and model named Keela. According to reports currently circulating media platforms, Keela and Jamie are very much married although estranged and haven’t even begun divorce proceedings.

Akwa Ibom born fitness guru, Keela is Jamie Roberts wife

In a leaked chat allegedly between Keera and a friend, Yvonne Nelson lied in her Wow Magazine interview especially when she claimed that she didn’t want to be married but wanted a child as the real reason behind her inability to tie the knot with Jamie as opposed to the fact that the white man is very married.

Keera also revealed that Jamie is actually bankrupt and is stuck on Yvonne Nelson for the comfort. What’s more is Keera even claims that Yvonne and herself were on speaking terms after the actress sent her a direct message asking for slimming pills. Keera in the interview claimed that she had screenshots of chat evidence to prove her story.

Click HERE for leaked chat.

Despite the buzz which we are certain Yvonne Nelson must have seen by now, the actress has neither confirmed nor disagreed with the claims. Hopefully, she is too busy with her new bi-racial child that we can’t wait to meet!

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Actress, Yvonne Nelson & Her Bump Cover the Latest Edition of Wow Magazine

November 12, 2017
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Actress,Yvonne Nelson is the cover girl of Wow magazine but it is more than just a cover, the actress unveiled one of the best held secrets of 2017.

Wow Magazine
Yvonne Nelson Cover girl

Yvonne Nelson dragged her fans in a very muddy game of suspense for the past couple of months with many news platforms reporting that the beautiful actress was expecting a child. Since the actress was tight lipped about it and continued to share photos of her striking body, a lot of people were confused as to the true status of her uterus but that was until a few hours ago.

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Today, the actress is 32 and after imploring fans days ago to be patient with her as she bide time in announcing what she has been up with her for a while, Yvonne Nelson  shared an adorable photo of herself gracing the cover of the latest edition of Wow magazine with her baby bump in all its glory.

Wow Magazine
Yvonne Nelson for Wow Magazine

Nelson opens up to Wow magazine about being single at 30, finding a man but not marriage, planning a baby and informing her rather traditional mother about her pregnancy and more.

Wow Magazine
Yvonne Nelson for Wow Magazine

The actress revealed that the pregnancy was planned but she decided to keep it private because she did not want to share the personal moment with the world just yet. Yvonne Nelson welcomed a daughter a few days ago. Here is a bit of the interview shared on Wow Magazine website:

Check HERE for full story


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Did Actress, Yvonne Nelson Undergo Eye Surgery?

November 10, 2017
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Ghallywood actress, Yvonne Nelson has been in the news lately as some rumor mongers claim the beautiful actress just welcomed a child with an unknown lover. Amidst all the talk on the internet, Yvonne Nelson recently pleaded with her fans to exercise patience as she cannot talk about all that is happening with her at the moment. She however shared that all will be revealed soon.

Fast forward to a few hours ago. To celebrate her mom’s birthday which is today the 10th of November, 2017, Yvonne Nelson shared a video on Instagram with a bandage covering her left eye. The video also showed her mom in the car as they talked in Twi. The only caption for the post was “Happy birthday Mum  #throughthewire #61yearsSee post:


As expected, fans have been buzzing Nelson’s comment section ask for an explanation but Nelson is yet to give any as of the time of this post rather she shared another photo without a bandage on her eye with the caption “Helo guys”

Hopefully, the actress would give a befitting response but while we wait, our prayers remain solely with her.

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Yvonne Nelson Soon to Become a Mother?

October 6, 2017
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Yvonne Nelson

Soon the global party would set the bubbles giggling, writers of headlines would be glued to their screens, scribbling and asking more questions than ever because one of Ghana’s screen goddesses, Yvonne the daughter of Nelson is on the verge of enjoying being a MOTHER! Over seven (7) joyous months have already rolled, so mother care brands, seize the opportunity and sign her as an ambassador – she is loved, she would sell!

To naysayers, frown not and dry your tears because soon the long-legged-lady would be full with unbridled, undiluted, unbelievable joy of motherhood. To those who did not see this pregnancy coming – you are not God! And to skeptics, who have laughed in the face of logic, make sense of it now because the forthcoming baby is reported to be for a white man (name withheld).

Once again, congratulations and happy pregnancy state Yvonne.

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FOCAP Lambast FIPAG & Yvonne Nelson over their Rant

September 5, 2017
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Yvonne Nelson in the thick of it all

The Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) and actress Yvonne Nelson have been sledge under the knife by the Federation of Concerned Arts Professionals (FOCAP), an arts-based pressure group of experts that advocates for the better positioning of Ghanaian arts; for being, “…cynical and irresponsible”. “Their way of dealing with the issues the movie industry is challenged with is not the best approach.” An insider told AE.

In a long piece, FOCAP have sent a piece of their mind out – read below (unedited)…

The recent challenges facing the movie industry regarding the influx of foreign telenovelas on our television stations and seeking support from stakeholders to petition Government, FOCAP wish to state unequivocally that the federation does not endorse it.

We humbly request by this release that the various associations within the movie industry should attach seriousness to the Law, Administration and how their own laws are not followed. It is very appalling that a serious association like FIPAG will want to rather go on a demonstration slated for September 14, 2017 to draw home the demand for television stations to stop showing telenovelas with twi voice overs. ls the leadership of FIPAG telling Ghanaians they are just concerned with only the telenovelas with twi voice overs and not the influx of foreign culture (telenovelas) on our television stations?

We firmly believe that the leadership of FIPAG should rather educate their members on their rights and the laws protecting their business to rather channel their redress to specific quarters.

1- FIPAG should know there is a Development and Classification of Film Act, 2016 (Act 935) which provides the legal framework for the production, regulation, nurturing and development of the Ghanaian film industry for the Distribution, Exhibition and Marketing of films.

2- The Act (935) is suppose to establish a National Film Authority to oversee the above mentioned.

3- Section 25 ( 1) & (2) of the Act (935) talks about ” Exportation and Importation of Educational films.
25 (1) The Authority may permit a person to import a foreign or export a film produced in Ghana on written application to the Authority.
25 (2) Despite subsection (1), an individual may also export a locally produced film or import a foreign film into the country whenever an application is APPROVED by the board.
25 (3) in furtherance of subsection (1 ) or (2) , the Authority may certify the film if satisfied with the status of the film and request an applicant to pay the prescribed fee.

Also Section 29, 30, 31 and 32 talks about a Film Fund to be set up to provide funding for producers. It talk about the “Objectives of the fund”, “Eligibility criteria”, and “Financial commitment” of the Authority respectively .

FIPAG should rather push pressure on government to set up the National Film Authority Board and also for The President to expedite action on the appointment of the Executive Secretary of the National Film Authority as per Section 35 of the Act 935.

Though the whole Act (935) needs a whole debate and review, we urge the industry associations to move beyond just a talking spree and work within the framework of the Acts.

Another area FOCAP wants to draw FIPAG attention to is the Culture Policy of Ghana, 2004. The NPP in their quest to come power stated emphatically in their manifesto (creative Arts and tourisim ) that they will review the Policy. In the policy, a section (under media) speaks to the issue of 70%- Local Content and 30% Foreign Content. FIPAG should focus on this!

FOCAP again see it as unnecessary to disturb Otumfour Osei TUTU II with a petition when the right channels are being ignored and overlooked!

We are urging and demanding the Minister (Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture) to push for the setting up of the board and the appointment of the Executive Secretary with immediate effect to help curb the mass importation of foreign material as it has a high potential of derailing our rich Ghanaian culture.

Finally, we believe that fighting for all, a FILM VILLAGE, would go a long way to help our ailing film industry.


Kojo Preko Dankwa (Convener)

Mel Kwesi Davis (Convener)

Edward Acquah (Media Laison)

Cc: Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture


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“Our Ghana Movie Industry is Full of Hatred”, Top Producer Opens-Up

May 29, 2017
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Daniel Edah

Daniel Edah who is of a Nigerian based Ghanaian movie producer, is one of the country’s young producers going through all odds to survive in a clearly ‘struggling movie industry’. He told us that there is too much hatred in the Ghanaian movie industry. “This ‘hatred’, is having an adverse effect on the success of the industry.” He told us.

Is it difficult to get started as a producer? 

I wouldn’t say it’s hard because I didn’t start film making as a producer. I started as an ordinary observer on set, and I was actually a continuity man which is more like a script supervisor before I advanced into producing my own movies.

How is the experience so far?

The marketers and distributors believe so much in the old producers, to an extent they don’t even scrutinize their contents before distributing. That brings too many lackluster, forgettable and just plain bad movies pouring into theatres; distracting the entertainment media, and the audience of good contents, and more importantly overwhelming the audience. Sometimes the new or independent producer’s films that are picked up for distribution are guaranteed a limited theatre run and publicity. This is supposed to be a dream comes true, but until some of these issues are tackled, I won’t say I am enjoying it yet.

 What advice would you give to someone who wants to have a life in film making?

It can be frustrating sometimes, but I keep telling people to never give up on their dreams. We should always invest our efforts and resources into things that we have passion for.

Tell us about your production house

Well, DEO Studios is aimed at bringing modern creativity and known for our enormous and educative movies. I have quite a number of movies to my credit, ‘Suicidal Game’ was produced and released on DVD market in 2013, I did ‘Mufty’s Diary’ series in 2014, ‘In April’ was produced in 2015 but was released in cinemas and digital markets in 2016, ‘Rosemary’ was produced in early 2016, and of course the new one ‘Swings’ was produced this year. These movies feature the likes of Yvonne Nelson, Chris Attoh, Regina Van-Helvert, Eddie Nartey, Ekow Blankson, Bismark Nii Odoi (The Joke) Pascal Amanfo, Roselyn Ngissah, Amaechi Muonagor, Beverly Osu, Umar Krupp, Fella Makafui and many more African actors.

What assurance do we have that your production house would stand the test of time?

We have passed the test, I have had my challenges, and challenges do not haul me; that’s why it’s my profession.

‘In April’ was a big opener

Yes, ‘In April’ was my first cinema movie, and it’s the movie that brought me into limelight and more exposure. I’ll say its hard work and God’s grace, for it actually met my expectations.

You made a lot of money from that production?

I invested a lot of money and efforts into that production, so as they say, to what much is invested, much is expected…it’s vice versa.

What was the most important lesson you learnt from that production, especially working with a celebrated name as Yvonne Nelson?

As I said before, that wasn’t my first produced movie, but I learnt a lot from that one being the big one at that time. I had always wanted to work with Yvonne Nelson, she’s very natural when it comes to acting, and fortunately for me I got the perfect script at the right time to work with her.I must say, she’s very influential and supportive if you know her personally.

Everyone calls you Lopez

The real name is Daniel Edah. Lopez is an adopted name from my Spanish friends just like I have adopted a Ghanaian name, Elikem. I am from a family of four. I hail from Jesse, Delta State of Nigeria. I look quiet on the outside, but people who know me personally know that I talk a lot when I am cool and comfortable with people around, but above all, I am very reserved.

Why do you set out to be a producer? Is it about the money?

Well, at first I didn’t even think about the money, although it all follows. I just wanted to actualize my dreams and the things I have passion for.

What has been your career dream from childhood and does that influence what you do today?

I started following drama group activities from my childhood, in school and church but my parents wanted me to do Law.

It is believed producers take advantage of young ladies

I don’t know if that is true anyway, but I cast people based on what I see in them, how capable they are to do the job and if you check my movies very well, you will see that I really give opportunities to new actors.

What are your general impressions about the movie industry so far?

We lack supports from one another in the Ghanaian movie industry, too much hatred, selfishness and people trying to sabotage other people’s works. I think it’s time high we made something out of nothing. Let’s help and support one another.

 It is true that the industry is dying?

I keep hearing and seeing in the news that the industry is dying, some even say the industry is dead, but I don’t hear people talk about possibilities or points of improving the industry.

Any ideas to further improve the industry?

Maybe for now, I should use this opportunity to plead with some of our senior colleagues to stop fighting for power and position, but rather bring everyone together so that we can all improve the industry at large.

How soon are you bouncing back to the big screens with another production?

I try to be very consistent; yes consistency is a major key to success. We deliver one or two movies every year.