Musical tour in the 54 capital cities of our wonderful continent.

It is our humble honor and pleasure to invite you join us at the launch of ‘afronights’.
Brought to you by the Afromedium team, whose mission is to enlighten, expose and unite Africa. A mission that resonates throughout all of Afromedium’s productions. Be it our television show, articles and of course this weekly celebration we are blessed to have you a part of, ‘afronights’. A weekly celebration of our beautiful continent, its people, culture and beauty.

An opportunity to experience, indulge and network with your fellow Africans.
You will experience a lot more than an evening in a club. You will experience a production. Every Thursday, we will create for you a majestic world paying tribute to one of our 54 African nations.

-Featuring professional dancers for your entertainment pleasure.
-Beautiful hostesses to serve and treat you like the African royalty you are.
-Authentic African cuisine.
-The finest DJs to take you on a journey around the continent.
-All this wrapped in the amazing world produced and created by your hosts, the Afro Medium production team.

We live in a time where our unquestionable relevance to humanity, our wealth in history and resources and our magical beauty and culture is under threat. Threatened by ever growing Xenophobia, mental slavery and a deep lack of knowledge of each other.

We believe an event such as ‘afronights’ will make great strides towards healing our continent, saving our history and our diminished unity. And we guarantee you a great time while we do just that. We look forward to celebrating each other with you.

Afronight: 06 April 2017 to 07 April 2017
Time: 10:00 PM – 04:00 AM
Venue: Booth Night club Sandton, Johannesburg
Cost: R100

More info: 11 Avenue, Benmore, Sandton

Contact: Rumbi
Company name: AFROMEDIUM
Telephone number: 0824329784
Email address