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I find fulfilment in Shoemaking Says Nigeria’s female graduate shoemaker

October 19, 2017
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In an interview with one of our investigative journalist, Ethelbert Obinna Umeh, the celebrity female graduate shoemaker barred her mind on sundry issues surrounding her entrepreneurial journey, and life challenges. It is rich in content.
Below are excerpts:
1. Who is Michelle Ekure?
Michelle Ekure is a beautiful, young Nigerian from the South South, precisely Delta State, last child of 8 children of Mr and Mrs Ekure. I am an entrepreneur, God fearing, passionate, reserved, energetic, goal-driven, resilient and hard working.
I had my early education in Delta State and went to Edo State for my Degree. I am one of the new faces of women thriving in the “so-called” male occupation or industry.
2. You are a diplomat by training, why did you venture into shoemaking business?
Sincerely it wasn’t an easy decision to make, my initial path and approach to my career was finishing up my tertiary education and getting a job to help build my experience and boost my CV, but landing that job wasn’t forth coming, and then nepotism being the order of the day, I wasn’t getting anywhere.
There is always that point in everyone’s life when you search your soul to find answers, and this I did diligently and sampling opinions from family and friends, and as a lover of fashion, and art and an ex model, I decided to give more time to this part of me that wanted to explore uncharted waters.
Shoemaking was not the first to come to mind but I was more exposed to it after I started off by first designing styles and followed up by learning to create my designs and from there it blossomed. I took the first step which was learning the craft from a small time cobbler and discovered that I was a natural, and continued polishing my skills and have not stopped till date.
3. Have you wanted to be an entrepreneur or did you venture into it as a result of joblessness?
I have wanted to be an entrepreneur, but sincerely not the way it ended up happening; the plan originally was to work for a given period and while at it I would make out time for business and eventually transition fully, but I would say I owe the dogmatic approach I gave entrepreneurship to the economic situation I was faced with, as this was a wakeup call for me, so I will not say I ventured into it, it was rather a calculated risk.
4. How much did you use to kick-start your shoemaking business?
Shoemaking initially was more of an art work, I loved positive feedbacks and admiration for my work when I made shoes for friends and family, I used to use monetary gifts from friends and family members to buy materials and make shoes and give back as gifts or sometimes sell them.
so putting a figure to how much I used in starting the business is a difficult one, but from when I went fully commercial I started with over 400 thousand because I needed to get a place to stay and use as my workshop as well and also buy materials for the first sets of products and courier costs to get products to my customers
5. How do you see yourself as an entrepreneur? If you see a paid job, will you accept?
As an entrepreneur I am beginning to feel a sense of fulfilment knowing I made the right choice pursuing my passion and gradually giving back to the society so quickly by training young individuals, who want to pursue their creativity passion and should I be empowered even more I believe I have the potential to do great because I have only just started for a few years and see where I am today.
And you sure know the big names in the shoe industry have got some real number of years and experience on their belt and I don’t intend to spend that much time to even becomes a big name in the shoe and leather product industry.
As concerning if I will accept a paid job, I will say if that paid job is with a shoe manufacturer or leather product company and I would be made a partner, then I can accept, so my ideas and creations will still be relevant and I would be living my dream pursuing my passion in a grand style, otherwise I would rather be my own boss and nurture this little business of mine and gradually learn innovative ways of becoming a contending force in this market overtime.
6. You are in a profession that is dominated by male folk, how do you feel seeing yourself in it?
Gender has no role when it comes to chasing your dream and being artistic, but I owe much of my bravery to the how I grew up. The larger part of my teenage years I acted like a guy so I guess it even tamed my fears and encouraged me.
I am even more in touch with my femininity now than ever but when I am in work mode I don’t know what gender I am in touch with, and this has been my driving force, but more importantly personal motivation has made me rise above my fears and any form of gender bias.
7. What advice do you have for your fans?
I want to say to all the youths and even the older folks that going forward we all have to remain hard working, diligent and persistent in our pursuit for financial independence and reduce over dependence on the government, acquire every necessary skill to be of service to our neighbor and mankind, from there you can be unique in your own presentation of that service.

We are all gifted but how deep have we searched to know what we are made of, if we can find and answer then we are on the right step to becoming the next big thing this country has always needed.

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I am in a Relationship says Singer Simi

October 9, 2017
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Singer Simi in an interview with Punch Sunday Scoop yesterday disclosed that she is now in a relationship, but she maintained that she won’t mention the identity of the person, because she wants to keep her private life off from the public scene.

“I always like to keep my personal life away from the public. All I can say is that I am in a relationship but I just don’t want to disclose the person’s name,” she said.

There have been several comments coming from different quarters on social media about her alleged dilly-dallying with two of her colleagues, rapper falz and Adekunle Gold.

Simi also used the opportunity to talk about her association with these two artistes:
“I met Adekunle Gold while I was performing at an event centre in Lagos. Unknown to me, he had been listening to me since I was a gospel artiste and he said he was a fan of my music.

At that time, I just knew him as a graphic artist, popularly referred to as the ‘King of Photoshop’. I didn’t even know he was a singer, but we just became close from there.

As for Falz, he heard one of my works, and he reached out to me on Twitter. From there, we hooked up in the studio and did some things together. Soldier was actually my song, and when he heard it, we decided to work together on it,” she said.

What is your take on this?

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Social media destroyed my marriage says Segun Arinze

October 8, 2017
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Veteran Nollywood actor, Segun Arinze has lamented the dangerous effect of social media on the marriages of many Nigerian celebrities.

He confirmed that social media is destroying many marriages and that it caused a heavy blow on his own marriage.

In an exclusive interview chat with Linda Ikeji, the 52 year old actor said that social media contributed immensely to the failure of his marriage to actress Anne Njemanze ‘Domitila’ in 2003.
He also blamed Nigerian celebrities for flaunting their private life online.

‘Social Media is helping to destroy so many marriages and a lot of our so-called celebrities are not helping themselves by putting their marriages and relationships on social media.’

‘Your private life should be private. I have had my share of it; remember I had a broken marriage before I remarried again.’ He said

‘Learn to keep your private life private and your public life public. You don’t let the whole world come into your life and see what you are doing because the same people who are seeing you today and going to mock you tomorrow.

‘As a public figure, it’s really tough being a public figure. Celebrities need to separate their private lives from the public, show what’s necessary if it’s important.’

‘It’s really crazy how everybody post about their private life on the Internet, looking for likes and all that. Social media has its advantages in terms of reaching out to fans, marketing and promoting of your brands. But the disadvantages will come back to hurt you.’

Do you think social media is having any dangerous effect on celebrity marriages?

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Singer Oritsefemi is getting set to wed on November 25th

October 8, 2017
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Singer Oritsefemi who tied the knot with the love of his life, Nabila Fash has confirmed that he is planning to have an elaborate white wedding on November 25th.

The wedding will take place somewhere in Nigeria, preferably the commercial city of Lagos. Details of the venue are yet to be ascertained at the time of filing this report.

The singer who kept his court wedding a secret even to his close friends and family until the information was leaked on social media revealed to Punch Saturday Beats why he did so. According to him:
“I kept my court wedding under wraps because I was in a lot of controversies during that period and I was also trying to work on my management. I was working on my brand image as well. My wife is a very private person and if we had made it public, it would have worked against us because sometimes when you share information like this, anything can happen.

I tried as much as possible to keep it to myself especially because my wife loves her privacy. It was my idea to make it private and when I spoke to my wife about it, she agreed. At the end of the day, the information still leaked.

I am still going to have an elaborate white wedding in Nigeria on November 25. I could have decided to do the wedding outside Nigeria but I am a man of the people. When I got to the event centre, I told them that I would be expecting at least 2,000 people but they told me that they believe that at least 3,000 people would be at the wedding, so they volunteered to cater for the other 1,000 people that may come for the wedding free of charge.
My wedding is going to be amazing and it would be strictly by invitation. I already have a song about wedding and people would want me to perform on my wedding day but I would do something different,” he said.
Singer Oritsefemi advised married couples never to deprive each other sex

“Marriage is something that you have to be very diplomatic about. You have to be very careful and know what you are doing because it has its ups and downs. No marriage is perfect. Some people think that marriage is all about money but it is not. It takes God and the couple to understand each other. Some people talk about cheating in marriage and that is why I sang in my song, ‘Igbeyawo,’ that women should not starve their husband of sex. If you do that, it would bring problems in your home. I don’t want lack of sex to be a problem in my marriage. Any time my wife wants to have sex, I would always give it to her, at any time.

Sex should not be the problem. Money could cause problems but don’t let sex be the problem. Get close to your wife and try to understand when she needs it. As a wife, you also need to know when your husband needs to have sex. It pains me when I hear that lack of sex is the cause of some people’s marital crisis. I would rather hear a woman say that she wants her husband to work harder,” he said.

What do you think about this?

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Finally Emeka Ike is in love with a South African boo

October 8, 2017
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Information reaching our desk now can authoritatively confirm that popular Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike is now in love with a South African boo.

The handsome actor found love again following his controversial divorce to his estranged wife and mother of four, Suzanne Emma Rero.

Emeka has been flaunting the social media with cute photos of himself with a sumptuous South African lady, who is alleged to be 28 years old.

Few weeks ago, the said unnamed name accompanied Emeka to Frankfurt, Germany where he received an award for Excellence.

So many people are talking about this on social media; some are congratulating him while some received this information with mixed feelings.

What do you think about this?

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Women are their own enemies says Actress Liz Anjorin

October 6, 2017
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Screen diva Liz Anjorin, has dished out eminent tips on friendship through her social media page.

She encouraged women never to rely so much on friends, because they can quicken the process of your downfall, instead of helping you to succeed.

She seems to be pouring her heart and talking from a lived experience. Her post has generated huge controversies on various social media platforms and has divided people into proposing and opposing camps. Read her unedited post below and share your thoughts afterwards:

“If you don’t reduce the number of friends you keep, number of happiness might reduce in you.. Statistically there is no age that reduce hate in women, women are their own enemy regardless of age or status.. Some women hate seeing their fellow women been happy or living large, especially when u table the beginning of ur happiness; they will be the one to pray for u, some will even call ur attention to fasting and prayer, but let God say amen to ur prayer: the boiling point of anger and hate in the same friends praying for u will rise to red point, they will start calling u names and start spoiling u with the little secret they know about u or huge fabricated lies just to see you crumble.. Why do you need friends?? My opinion is; it’s only puppet and coward that belief in friends.. Friends are like an attractive food, cooked with green frog: it has nothing to give to ur system than poison.. When u are happy pretend as if u are not, when u have a butter tell them it’s an expired one because they will go to any length to put sand in your butter.. U can imagine how women hate their fellow women so much on social media now, Imagine what some friends will do in real life, i don’t expect some women to be pained and miserable that much, life is turn by turn. How can some ladies derive so much joy in evils, some don’t have money, time, data for something meaningful except miserable things. If you make your fellow woman go through pains bcos of inferiority complex in u, u will pay in million folds.. note; number of ur gud deed among pple will definitely determine ur own happiness and success in life. Many healthy marriage crashed and some productive relationship collapsed because of the HATE their friends injected in their fellow women relationship and that’s why some women will be in agony till the rest of their life.. God is not maga, what u sow is what u will reap.. U don’t need to table ur happiness in the midst of ur friends because some of them ve experience love for ‘donkey years’ but will acted as if they are okay but ofcos they are waiting for u reveal the koko behind ur happiness …some wmen need to reduce the hate in them before it drag them to mold of shame‎”

What do you think about this?

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Shan George declares Davido as the most humble, most receptive International star she has ever met

October 6, 2017
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Top-rated Nigerian actress, Shan George has declared that she is a fan of Davido. In her recent post, she pledged her unalloyed support and loyalty to the 25 year old star, after coming in contact with him in a flight recently.

The star declared on social media that Davido is the most humble and most receptive international star she has ever met.

Little is known about the conversations they had during the meeting. Some analysts say that Shan George didn’t make her unflinching declaration till Davido has hit 5 million followers on Instagram.

She went to the comment section of #GoldMyneTV and dropped the following information:
“Most humble, most receptive international star I’ve ever met. #TeamDavido”
Truly, this has generated a lot of controversies on the social media sphere. What do you think about her observation?

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Actress Laide Bakare is now a US Citizen

October 6, 2017
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Information reaching our desk now says popular Nollywood actress, Laide Bakare is now a US Citizen. She obtained her certificate few hours ago.

Laide Bakare has been away from the movie scene for some time now, and many people had been worried about her whereabouts.

This is coming as a double celebration for her, because she has been planning for her birthday celebration tomorrow, 7th October and today she was blessed with a US Citizenship certificate.

Having been away from Nollywood movie scene for a while now, we can comfortably see the result of her trip to US.

Congratulations to her!


I don’t want my son to be a singer says Tiwa Savage

October 5, 2017
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In a recent chat with the media few hours ago, Mavin Record First Lady has confirmed that she doesn’t want her son to go into music; instead she wants him to become a great basketball player.

The celebrity singer also shared a video of her son singing her hit single ‘All Over’. Below is what she said during the chat:

“God help me but I really don’t want him to do music and he seems to be gravitating towards it… time to get him on the basketball court”

Do you think it is wise for her to choose a profession for her son?