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It is impossible not to remember the amazing vocals of Nigerian singer, Kas Beats especially not his club banger, “Fi mi le” which was released back in 2009.

African Entertainment correspondent recently had a chat with the singer who has since moved back to the United Kingdom, started a family (3 kids) and interestingly, is now a preacher ( pastors in a UK church called Praise God Ministry), via the Instagram LIVE platform and we learnt some juicy stuff about what’s new with him.

In the brief interview with our reporter, Kas revealed that despite his new charge which is God’s kingdom, he will continue to grow his music career. He revealed that there is new stuff hitting our airwaves pretty soon.

Kas Beat Interview

Isn’t that so exciting?

We think so too… We however wanted to know on your (fans) behalf of course if we are to expect some club banger with a little sultry which can properly be defined as secular music or do we just wait for some HIT gospel jam and this was what the renowned producer and singer had to say:

“I’ve always done gospel music even in my old albums but now expect more of inspirational music and obviously gospel. Right now ,I’m not sure which to drop first but it’s definitely inspirational and gospel.”

Kas Beat Interview

On how soon he plans on making the renewed entry into the industry, Kas further revealed that he would definitely return but did not give a date. He also admits that he understands the “Out of Mind” situation:  “Yes man! You know music business doesn’t wait for no one, it keeps moving very fast

On the juicy part, Kas appears to be enjoying family life as he well showed off during our chat. He showed off his whining skills as he rocked his wife while she set up the family’s meal.

Health wise?

Kas is doing great and also wants us to know he maintains a healthy habit…Oh…He showed off his refrigerator that contained A LOT of water!

Remember this video?

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