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It has been a couple of hours since former Nollywood star turned beautician, Caroline Danjuma publicly called out pop star, Davido over the death of her friend, Tagbo Umeike who she claimed was last seen in the singer’s company.

According to multiple eyewitnesses, news sites, and videos, the deceased young man passed on after taking too many shots of tequila in the company of Davido and his crew. According to Caroline, Davido and his crew dumped Tagbo at the general hospital, fled and continued partying at another location.

Davido’s team has however denied the accusations, calling Caroline a blatant liar. Despite video evidence showing Davido drinking with Tagbo and some other friends, they claim the singer only stumbled on Tagbo and his friends drinking, said hello and left.

Davido is however yet to make an official statement and from history, we know better than to wait for one. See some videos of the last moments of Tagbo: